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Daily Health Screening Directions
Posted On:
Friday, January 15, 2021
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Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of our school reopening process we will be asking parents to screen their students prior to sending them to school each day. To assist with this process, we will be utilizing a phone application called RSchool Today. This application will allow you to screen your child prior to them leaving for school and will provide the district with real-time data for all students cleared to attend school that day. Below is some direction on how to create an account with the RSchool Today application as well as a link to a tutorial video.

  1. Download the RSchool Today Application in the App Store by searching RSchool Today. The application you are looking for will be called “Activity Scheduler” and will have a blue baseball cap logo.

  2. During the initial set-up you will be prompted to select the state of New Jersey and then to search for your school. To search for your school please type Paulsboro and then select the one that says Paulsboro Public School District.

  3. Once you select the correct district please use the icon in the top left hand corner to pull down a list of options and select the one entitled Daily Health Screening.

  4. The first time you select the daily health screening option you will be prompted to Sign-In. You should select the student option as the type of account and then put in your e-mail and the student’s first and last name.

  5. The first time you log in you will be asked to verify your account using the email you used to create the account. Please go into your email account and click the verify link and then attempt to log in again.

  6. Once your account is verified you will be able to take the daily health screening each day. Simply toggle the option buttons for any symptom that your child is experiencing. If your child is not experiencing any symptoms please leave them unclicked and select the blue submit button to complete the screening procedure.

  1. Based on your answers to the questions in the system your student will either be “Cleared” to attend school or will be listed as “Not Cleared”. If you receive a message of “Not Cleared” please contact your school nurse for further direction.

  2. If your student downloads the application on their personal smartphone and uses the same account you have created they will simply be able to show the “Cleared” screen upon their arrival to school. Those students who do not have a phone with the application on it will still have their name appear on the “Cleared”  list for staff and will be permitted to enter the building.

In addition to reviewing these directions, I strongly recommend you watch the tutorial video using the links below.

It is incredibly important that we work together to provide our students with a safe reopening of our schools. Your assistance with the health screening process is an important step, and I truly appreciate your support and collaboration.